Win 7 + Win XP -> Dual boot

Hello !

I've 2 Hard Disks. On the first is XP Pro installed, and on the second is Win 7 Pro installed.
I would like to create a Dual Boot so I can choose the OS I want to boot on at the startup of te PC.
Easybcd seems to be the best way to perform it but I don't understand very well how it works...

Could you help me ? On which OS should I install EasyBCD an run it ? And after ?...

Many thanks...:wink:

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Since you are installing Win7 after XP, when you install Win7 it should automatically add and entry to the boot loader or BCD for XP so you can dual boot. If it doesnt automatically do this then your system will boot into only Win7 so there wont be much choice, you will have to install it there.

Then you just add an entry for XP and your done. For more information check out our Wiki page:

Windows XP - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
Thanks for reply !

But I think you've misunderstood...
I don't install Win 7 after XP; both are installed separately on 2 hard drives. There's no first or second. At the moment, I've to change the order of boot in the Bios.


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Boot W7
Install EasyBCD
"add new entry"
XP dropdown
let EasyBCD auto-configure.
When you next boot, there will be a selection menu.
Keep W7 as the boot disk.


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XP is unaltered, just boot from that HDD.
W7 just has a BCD entry for XP, Delete it if you no longer need it (EasyBCD > "edit boot menu")