Win 8.1 Dual Boot Ubuntu!!! [Too many entries]

I have windows 8.1 as my mail OS. And have Ubuntu dual booted on an external USB drive with GRUB v2. I then uninsulated Ubuntu and re installed it again!!
Recently. When I looked at the UEFI boot loader it has (2) references to Ubuntu which need not be there!
I have used EasyBCD to try and remove these erroneous enteritises without any SUCCESS (mind you I'm not totally sure what I'm doing) Can any body point (NO) lead me in the right direction to resolve this issue.


Mostly Harmless
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You might be editing the plain-Jain BIOS/MBR BCD file instead of the EFI one. The EFI BCD is located at EFI\Microsoft\Boot\Bcd on the (unmounted) FAT32 EFI boot partition.
Win 8 1 Dual Boot Ubuntu Too many entries

I have the same laptop but the boot orders that I have seen in other bios are not there. There is actually very little in this bios that can be changed.