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Hi Gang

I am new to this forum, but have used and been to a lot of diff forums. I appreciate any and all your help, I am just saying this ahead of time in case I forget to do this.

My problem is this....I am new to dual boots, but not new to computers, I build them repair them, etc. I am not an expert but I do know my way around most computer issues, and how they work. Now I installed the latest EZbcd, because I wanted to use both my Win 7 and Win 8 operating systems. My main will be the Win 7 of course, and I want to boot up to Win 8 on occasion to get to know it more. So I have Win 7 on one HD and Win 8 on another HD, 2 separate HD's.

When I open EZbcd it shows both op systems, both drives, and I check to have my Win 7 open by default, but no matter what setting I do it opens to Win 8 every time When the screen opens to let me decide which I want to boot too no matter it always opens Win 8. I cannot get it to open Win 7

Any and all help appreciated.
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I assume EasyBCD is installed in Win 7. Windows 8 takes over and substitutes its own boot menu for the other OS's ones. You simply need to go into Windows 8 and tell it to allow Win 7 as default boot system

There's a tute here about it: Startup Options - Choose a Default OS to Run at Startup in Windows 8

Once that's done the old boot menu will (hopefully) reappear. It did it for me and I have a 5-way boot. Occasionally 8 will do a major update and it may again try to take over. Simply go over the steps again and make sure all is as it should be (often nothing has changed and you simply need to boot back to the other OS) and you'll be OK.

I also use iReboot on all OS's to boot between systems. It usually takes one reboot for it to assume whatever EasyBCD is showing and works just fine.

Sorry to link you to another forum for the tute but it's easier than copying all those steps over here.
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