Win Xp hanging on welcome screen after image restore


I had win 7 and win xp (ahci enabled) installed on two seperate partitions on an ssd.

But I had a lot of sudden crashes in win7 and I wiped the partition, (allthough I later found out it was a stick of memory that went bad). I had to also wipe the xp os because win7 install would would crash at 66%. After deleting the xp partition it [win7] installed ok.

Previously I made an Acronis Trueimage file of the win xp install, which i restored to the second partition on the ssd.

I ran Easy bcd and added the xp os.

But when I boot to xp os it hangs on the xp welcome screen indefinitely.

The only hardware difference from then to now is 1 less stick of memory.

Any help please?



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Ah, thanks.

I read the link and it seems that the problem could be that it remembers itself as being designated a different drive letter than it has now been assigned.

I checked the registry and it used to be E: drive. That was also the drive letter assigned to it as I look at it from the win7 install.

So i checked easybcd and it has assigned it c: drive

Entry #2
Name: Microsoft Windows XP
BCD ID: {598d602b-3ba0-11e2-aedc-8e526ba535f7}
Drive: C:\
Bootloader Path: \NST\ntldr

So I changed it to e: but on boot it had an error because it was looking for e:\nst\ntldr which doesn't exist because that is on c:

If I change the boot drive to e: from easybcd, will that work?

Alsoi noticed in the acronis restore dialog that it also backed up 'MBR and Track 0' which i think is the 100m system reserved space on the ssd. How does that fit in to all this?


I was looking at acronis again and I noticed an option 'Use Acronis universal restore'. So I recovered the partition again using this option and it worked fine.

Thanks for your help, I'm pretty sure that the link you posted was highlighting the actual problem. i guess using that acronis option enables me to sidestep the bewildering details.

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The BCD entry for XP should point to C. That was nothing to do with the problem.
The XP entry in the BCD points to the "system" partition which contains the files with the information to locate XP, not to XP itself.

Glad the the cloning software was able to rectify its own problem rather than leaving you to sort it yourself.