Win7/Win10: "Moving" bootmngr/bootloader from 100MB-partition to an other primary partition

on my HD are
- the usual 100MB-start-partition with bootmngr/bootloader
- one primary partition with Win7 for normal use (32bit)
- one primary partition with Win7 for testing purposes (32bit)
- one primary partition with Win10 (32bit)
150GB are free, not allocated spac
Now I need a fourth primary partition for another system.
So I want to "move" (copy) the bootmngr/bootloader of the 100MB-start-partition to e.g. the (first system-) primary partition with Win7, delete the 100MB-start-partition and create a new (fourth) primary partition with using the free space of 150GB for the new system.
Can I use for this EasyBCD? In Version 2.3 I find the section "BCD Deployment" with the items "Create Bootable External Media" and "Install the Vista+ BCD/bootmngr bootloader. I also find "BCD Backup/Repair" with "Re-create/repair boot files" and "Chance boot drive". But I am not sure whether I can do what I want with this tools (and in which order).
I tried to find an answer in the help-files, but I really do not understand the explanations in regards of this to be sure.
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