Win8 Dual-Boot starting Ubuntu from USB

Hey guys,
i have a problem right now with EasyBCD (i think)

on my notebook is Windows 8.1 and i only have one SSD in there.
Now i want to make a liveUSB with Ubuntu on it. Now especially my Problem is that i have a code in my UEFI and just can´t boot from USB.

Now half a year ago i get it to work with EasyBCD and Ubuntu on my Stick.
I just tried to start it again but after i entered the BSD BIOS Extender while booting, and choosed to boot from USB he gives me an arror, that there is no bootable device found.

It worked some months ago, dont know why it is making problems now.
I formated the Stick and made it up completly new with linuxlive usb generator but it wont work.
By the Way: secure Boot is allready deactivated and for Boot Mode is choosen "Both" "Legacy First"

i will attach some screenshots with , what i think, are importend informations for you.

hope some of you can help me, because i want to use my ubuntu again, but there is no other way of using it on my notebook

with regards,