Win8, Win 7 Dual Boot - Windows 7 won't boot anymore.


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After installing Windows 8 on my primary harddrive (I had to format it from MBR to GPT to be allowed to install it), I am no longer able to boot from my secondary drive, which has Windows 7 on it. Even after manually re-adding the secondary system through EasyBCD in Windows 8.


C: Windows 8 (On an SSD)
D:, E:, G: 2 Data Drives (No Systems)
F: Windows 7 (Another SSD)

It used to dual boot just fine when I had 7/7, after making an Easy BCD profile for the F drive for my secondary system. Now I just get a black screen, and a reboot after half a minute or so. What am I doing wrong, and how do I fix it? :x

Bonus question: Windows 8 can't seem to decide which UI to use for the boot menu. I've gotten the graphical blue one a few times, but now it's back to the "old" Windows 7, text based one. Is there any way to force it to use the same one consistently? (Preferably the W8 one)
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