Win8/XP DualBoot with Chainloader

I have change my old Harddisk with a new SSD Harddisk on the same Port. On this SSD i installed Windows 8, my old XP Harddisk is now on another Port.

So Windows 8 is my C:\ Drive and XP is D:\. But i would also be able to Start XP as Drive C:\ and then in XP the SSD should be the D:\

Is it possible to do a Chainloader like in Grub (chainloader +1) with EasyBCD?


Installing Easy BCD on both will allow you to configure the primary OS. When booting to that one the other resides on drive D:\
If you boot/reboot to the secondary that drive becomes C:\ and the other resolves to D:\
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Only Vista/7/8 have a BCD.
XP boots via NTLDR/boot.ini
You can only dual-boot W8/XP from the W8 side.
Thanks. Booting XP work correctly, but when i hibernate XP i cant boot to Win8 or to the Bootloader.
Is there any Solution? I need the hibernate Option for XP because my startup from XP is really really slow.