Windows 10 and EasyBCD 2.2 or 2.3

I got a mail from the support asking if the new download worked with Windows 10.
Well, I had complained that installing 2.2 failed, yes just disappeared, thinking it to be the work of the defender. Switching it off seemingly helped, but now I found it was not the reason. As a linux installation on an ext. Disk ruined my boot I had to reinstall Win10 and then to reinstall EasyBCD, but again it disappeared although the defender was switcht off.

The reason was not the defender, but I had meanwhile downloaded the 2.3 verson. But on my installation disk was still 2.2

I must tell you that it is this very version that (despite the defender working) works well.
Thus 2.3 must be installed!!!


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I'm not sure I understand your question, I'm sorry?


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The Neosmart download page only has 2.3 available so not sure where you got 2.2 from, that's not Neosmart's fault.
This "mail from support", which support, where?