Windows 10 and Windows 7

Hi There,
My PC has installed Windows 10. ( C: )
Now i have installed on a other disk ( E: ) windows 7.
But when turn my PC on he directly starts Windows 10. I cant choose between 10 and 7
How can i fix this so i can choose between 10 and 7 with 10 as defeault

Greetz Martin


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I have added Windows 7 to the BCD list, but there is a fault in it. See Pic.

The second entry ( windows 7 ) at the bootloader path there is a file called winload.efi. But when i check this on the given location i have no winload.efi only winload.exe? How can i change this?

greetz Martin


Use EasyBCD
Adding Entries
to add an entry for W7 to W10's BCD.
Before you do, read this
Windows 8 (or 10) boot problems ? Please read this before posting
The solution is to enter the Control Panel > Power Options, reveal the "currently unavailable" settings and choose "what the power button does"
At the bottom of the page, scroll down to Shutdown Settings & remove the tick from "Turn on fast startup

Witch Control panel you mean? I use W10 in combination with W7


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In W10.
The newer OS is (must be) controlling the boot.
Older versions of Windows cannot boot newer (Old bootmgr doesn't recognise newer Winload key as genuine - "Invalid Digital Signature" error)


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Yes, of course.
Add the entry for W7 to W10's BCD and turn off "fast start" in W10 (unless you're going to be using it almost all of the time, in which case be aware of the behaviour described when you do decide to boot into W7.)


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No reply because I don't think you asked a question.