Windows 10 and XP dual boot problem

My grandson wants to play an old game that won't run on Win 10 64-bit so I cloned the
XP drive from an old computer with the game on it and installed that drive in my Dell Precision T3400 computer. I used EasyBCD 2.3 to create a dual boot system. XP will boot but a blue screen flashes on the display very briefly and the computer restarts.
I would expect Windows XP to show up in the Windows 10 msconfig boot menu but it doesn't.
Any suggestions?
Maybe it doesn't work with Windows 10.

I just realized there are no XP drivers for the T3400 Workstation on the cloned drive. The brief blue screen, which I can't view, probably is a result of incorrect drivers.
But, this is just a guess.
Well, this seems to be the problem:
"I get a BSOD when I boot into Windows XP

Congratulations! As hard as it may be to believe, this means your dual-boot is working just fine. Unfortunately, after EasyBCD successfully starts to load Windows XP, it crashes. This can be caused by using an imaged copy of a Windows XP installation from another PC, a hardware mis-configuration, or one of the zillion other BSOD-causing problems. Your best bet is to perform an in-place upgrade/repair install of Windows XP and/or ask for help in our friendly forums."


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Pound the F8 key after selecting XP, then choose "disable automatic restart on system failure" to see the full error text.
Pound the F8 key after selecting XP, then choose "disable automatic restart on system failure" to see the full error text.
Thanks for the reply.

I just put the game on a Dell laptop running Windows 7 and it works fine.

I will try to remember the F8 procedure next time I have a similar problem.
Since I had a spare laptop drive, I put it in the Windows 10 desktop and installed Windows 7 Pro 64-bit on it. The computer dual booted fine and after getting the AMD Radeon drivers and the games installed. I cloned that drive to a spare Crucial SSD drive I had installed in an EEPC Netbook which I finally threw away. I use EZ Gig IV to clone these laptop drives. With the SSD in the desktop, Windows 7 wouldn't boot and the DOS screen said some file was missing and to use my installation disk to repair the problem. I don't have the installation disk so I used EasyBCD to edit the boot menu. I removed the Windows 7 entry and then put it dual boot works fine again.