Windows 10 blinks/hangs on login

First, lesson learned and getting more painful as I run out of options - Backup and backup often.

Not sure if related or not but will post as much as I can in the hopes it jogs someone's memory...
Started with crashing FF tabs whenever I would attempt to watch a video. A couple of tab restore clicks and all seemed fine. Then I get the Windows BSOD and some message about PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA. System rebooted. Next message, SYSTEM PTE MISUSE. System rebooted. Next message, SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED. This continued several more times until, I get screen that says "Preparing Automatic Repair"...."Diagnosing your PC"...."Attempting Repair"..."Automatic Repair cannot repair your PC".
Continuing to restart and restart....
I get the point I am now. Turn system on and it displays one of windows pretty picture backgrounds. I click to begin the login, it flashes my name and returns to the pretty picture background.
I attempted to reinstall windows but I get the message that it can't be done with my version and booting from a USB. The only option, I haven't tried is the complete install which reads as though I will lose all my existing files.
I purchased the Easy Recovery Essentials and ran that. The system rebooted, however, I am still at the login blinks/hangs screen that I just mentioned.
I have screen shots and video if anyone wants to see what I am running into.

Any help would be greatly appreciated....