Windows 10 corrupt after last update (June 11)


Hello. After the June 11 update of windows 10, my PC corrupted. I have downloaded the windows tool and can get to a command prompt. Repair, uninstall of update, revert to, do not work. Safe mode booting does not work. Bootrec commands do not solve the problem.

When the PC boots up, the c drive that contains the windows folder changes to D. I can change it in disk part, but the computer renames it back to d on restart. It is the only physical drive in the computer.

There is no physical defect in the drive.

There is a legacy program i use that is no longer available and i do not want to simply reinstall windows. Please help. I can send pics of the volume list if required.


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I had the same Problem. I had correct this problem with this : Diskpart, assign a letter to the EFI system partion. bcdboot c:\Windows /s b: /f ALL to write the efi new. (b: is the efi partion , which letter you assign from diskpart). After that, my windows starts windows without problems.
The only Problem is, that i doesn´t know, if the winre.wim entry is correct in the bcd file.