Windows 10 pro built 1709 Windows 10 embedded product key tool no longer works!

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since the last Windows upgrade to built 1709 I think that Microsoft has changed the way the Windows registry stores license information making the software not working anymore. I have been able to do it on one of my two computers which is running from an older Windows ISO file installation. On my second computer I've just downloaded the most recent ISO file from Microsoft Download Center and I have activated it with an OEM product key. On this computer all the softwares I've been previously using are unable to extract my product key.

I've tested a few pay softwares and they're all capable of doing it but I would have to pay much or less expensive amounts of money to get the full version of them to get the complete key number. I'd be rather happy to get away with a simple donation toward using this product than purchasing a fully license software to get the task done.

The error message is "Unable to open MSDM table" but the product key I am using is not embedded in the firmware. I am the IT professional who has completed the operating system install. I have included a relevant snapshot with this post. Please notice that the "System" windows no longer displays the Windows built version which should appear under the Windows 10 logo "built 1709". The same situation is present under "Settings, System, About".

Please let me know if you can find a solution. I think that other softwares are using a combination of the windows installation ID with a decrypted algorithm which they were able to decrypt to obtain license keys. Once you discover such algorithm it's very easy to generate a lost product key.


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The keyword in the app's title is "embedded"
It's only designed to retrieve hardware embedded keys.
It has no function on a self-build PC, where the user already has the key with the software.
There were already many keyfinder freeware utilities in existence when this was written to do the one specific thing that they were not designed for.