Windows 10 Rollback - can it work even months later?


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Hi people
I have a friend that wants to go back to Windows 7 and did not realize she had options when it was forced on her.
Can it be done even if it has been many months since the forced upgrade?

What do I have to look for on her drive to assess if it can be done or not? (Too late for system restore)
She is an hour away so trying to see if it is possible before asking her to drive all the way here.
I can use Teamviewer to look on her hard drive, etc..

Any suggestions / help would be gratefully appreciated!



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It's difficult to say. Rollbacks depend on the windows.old folder being still present. If she's done a high-level Disk Cleanup then most likely the chance will have gone, but you can only tell by trying. She would lose any system personalizations done since the upgrade, if a success.
There's a Tutorial HERE where you could also ask questions.
IMHO it's doubtful it will work after such a long time.
Instead perhaps you could offer to work on her Win 10 to make it more user-friendly.
For instance, the first thing that comes to mind would be Stardock's Start10 software, which turns the start menu into a Windows 7 one and allows default booting to the desktop. That's just for starters, there are loads of modifications that one can do.


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As Peter said, if "Windows.old" folder is no longer on the C drive, then the rollback is long gone.
If it is there and you use it to go back, then obviously all your new application installs will go too, though user data won't be affected.
If you get back to W7 status quo ante, there will be a lot of W7 patches in the queue to bring it up to speed.