windows 10 wont do multiple boot with XP and Linux on another hdd

I have two hdd one with win10 and another with XP and Ubuntu (two distros). using EasyBCD 2.3 I can boot
win10 and win XP from the second hdd but booting linux is impossible, I could only get flashing screens.
Any help is welcome!
I am having a similar problem: I have a single SSD that I have partitioned into several partitions; on the first and original partition I have Windows 10. On another partition I have placed another copy of Windows 10 so that I can test software I am unsure about. On a third partition I have placed the latest version of Ubuntu. Unfortunately, EasyBCD finds the two Windows partitions but not the Ubuntu. When I attempt to add a new entry, everything is grayed out so cannot be selected.

Thank you in advance.



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If options are "greyed" in EasyBCD it means they are unavailable, and that generally implies that you are running a UEFI PC.
Microsoft (not Neosmart) have decided that many boot features available on a BIOS/MBR PC will not be allowed with W10 on a UEFI/GPT machine and have coded those restrictions into the .efi version of bootmgr.
EasyBCD cannot circumvent those restrictions in bootmgr, the chief one being that legacy OSs and "foreign" OSs like Linux canot be booted via bootmgr.efi.
If you want to dual boot a W10 UEFI PC with Linux, you can only do it by letting Linux take control of the boot during installation.
You can then let Linux's grub dual-boot the existing W10 installation.

You are successfully dual-booting XP, so I assume that your W10 is BIOS/MBR, in which case Linux should also be available.
However iirc, there have been a few people reporting a problem when upgrading from a working multi-boot with Linux to a newer distro. Unfortunately I stopped using Linux back when legacy grub was still around, so my Linux knowledge is less than useful to you, but if you search the forum with your non-working distro number as a keyword, you may find something which might give you a workaround.