Windows 7 64 Bit Host & multiple Linux Guests booted via VHD possible?


It`s strange iI work with computers for ages and never heard of EasyBCD :smile:

Realy awesome fantastic tool !! Kudos to the developers !!

I am trying to create the following configuration->

My Box is Lenovo x121e with 160GB SSD and 16 Gigs of RAM.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit installed. And within I run about 10 different Linux Favours in Oracle Virtualbox.
But i created them all as VHD File. (FreeBSD , Backbox, Backtrack, Ubtunu 12.04 , LinuxMint, Debian, Arch, Gentoo, Tails)

Yesterday night I tried to install the EasyBCD Bootloader and it failed and i now have a Bootmenu with 2 entries which fail to load.
I know how to repair that etc and it is not a problem anyhow..

But can somebody point me to an tutorial where I can learn how to realize the following.

Version A) Wiin7 Ultimate 64bit is MAIN OS for computer .
Within the Bootloader I can choose all my nix flavours (all 64bit) and boot directly into the VHD.
That`s very Important for me so I can use BackBox or Bt5 for pen testing & still use the internal wifi for example
(which is impossible if booted as VM ). Also I want to add a few Resc & Clone ISO`s to the Bootmenu.

Version B) I Transfer my actual Windows into an VHD ( for this i found a Disk2VHDTutorial) and I can directly Boot ALL MY VHD OS´es from the Boot Menu.

Within all VHD`s i want to encrypt the whole VHD ( Truecrypt,Diskcryptor) and the crypt bootloader with different passwords.)

SO for Example

Computer Boot -> BCD VHD Entrys (shown via BURG because it looks cool) -> Truecrypt Bootloader of the VHD -.> VHD

EDIT: BURG is now integrated with Super-Boot-Manager !

Icing on the cake would be to somehow run everything from the BURG boot manager :smile:

Somehow I feel it`s actually very simple (besides maybe the BURG boot loader thing) but i googled the whole day and don?`t get it.

Thanks a bunch !
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Only Windows 7 (and Windows Vista with a hack) can be booted directly from a VHD. Linux-based OSes can be booted from VHD-like containers.


Mostly Harmless
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EasyBCD can boot any VHD. Doesn't mean the OS inside it supports being booted that way.
EasyBCD can boot most ISOs. It's a complicated and powerful tool, you'll need to spend some time testing and configuring. We have not and will never be able to test all possible configurations.