Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS booting problem


I have tried several times to accomplish this, and every time I try to get everything set up something horrible happens. Last time my hard drive completely crashed and so I had to buy a new one. Last time I installed both OS my computer would only boot to Windows 7 and not Ubuntu. So I shut down my computer for the night to work on it in the morning but once I booted up there was no operating system to be found. Could not boot into either one. So I used GParted and formated the volumes and installed Windows 7 in the first partition but I am afraid to install Ubuntu in case it happens again and looses the operating systems and I have to start all over or it only boot to Ubuntu. But enough small talk...

Here is what I have: 58.5 GB partition with Windows 7, 58.5 GB partition formatted to ext3 for Ubuntu but not installed yet, and 115 GB formatted to NTFS for storage between the two operating systems.

Do I install EasyBCD first then install Ubuntu or Ubuntu first then EasyBCD?
Doesn't matter.
EasyBCD isn't the boot manager, just a (very clever) tool for configuring the BCD.
It's just an app you can install/uninstall at your will.
Just decide whether you want Grub2 or MS bootmgr to control the dual-boot.
Allowing 10.4 to install with default settings will result in the former, and grub will auto-detect W7 and give you a menu option for it. (you won't need EasyBCD)
If you want bootmgr to be in control, you must ensure that the Linux install doesn't put grub in the MBR, but in the Linux partition. (use the advanced options during the grub setup phase)
Then using EasyBCD 2.0 add a Linux entry to the BCD and remember to select grub2 from the dropdown. EasyBCD will find Ubuntu automatically.