windows 7 and ubuntu 12.04 on 2 ssd'd

Hi all

first off apologies for my bad writing and punctuation. I'm trying to dual boot my PC duh! :smile: Any ways i installed windows 7 on a 120gb Ssd using the whole disk runs fine.

Then installed 12.04 Ubuntu I partitioned the second Ssd disk into 4 different partitions I think something like /boot / /home /swap got that from a tutorial any way Ubuntu runs fine.

I installed easy bcd and added Linux grub 2 entry rebooted and it says it can find any Linux boot drive and then I have to ctrl alt delete and go back to windows

I have noticed that when I open view settings tab in easy bcd its saying that my Linux drive is d: when its not its drive 3 partition 1 which is the 500mb /boot partition

$20 to the first person that gets me booting properly I've been on it for 2 days now and just want it working!!!!