Windows 7 does not appear in Grub Menu, and no utilities can fix so far


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Hello, I have some experience setting up Windows Linux Dual boot, but unfortunately yesterday I ran into a problem. The grub menu does not have Windows 7 on it, and I don't know how to get it on there. I installed a new version of Linux onto an old laptop. The laptop does not have UEFI, it has the old BIOS system only, and I think the grub menu installation expected the Windows to have an entry in an ESP partition maybe. I don't know. There was no ESP partition prior to installing Linux ElementaryOS (an ubuntu variant)

This is for a client, and his applications on the Windows partition are important for his business, he cannot lose them, so we cannot merely reinstall Windows 7 and clear the system. How do I get Windows 7 on the Grub menu, or just go back to booting directly into Windows 7?

Lenovo laptop, very old, Windows 7 OEM 64-bit
BIOS Only, no UEFI
4Gb RAM Intel i3 2gz

I have already attempted to use:
Boot-Repair Live CD (new and old versions)
Boot Ice (don't know the exact steps to take)
Windows 10 automated Startup Repair

Thank you for all your help!


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If you have a W7 installation disk, you can repair the W7 boot with that, or failing that, access to any other W7 PC will enable you to burn a repair disc
Control Panel > Backup & Restore > Create Repair Disc