Windows 7 recovery doesn't work

I've downloaded the recovery CD and put it on a USB, successfully booting my Asus aspire. Automatic recovery does not work, and when i try the manual method, bootrec.exe is not found. Is there anything further i can do?


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The new version of the CD does the bootrec for you automatically, obviating the need to do it yourself.
What's the original problem you were facing?
I'm running g windows 7 64 bit, and it crashed last night. When I rebooted, it gives me an 0xc000000f error because the boot device is unavailable. When I try to run the recovery off of the hidden partition, it only gives me the choice to reset to factory, not to try and backup my data.

When I use you program, it does not find windows on the partition, and cannot access it to copy any data off. I'm running it off of a USB that I created on a vista machine running g 32 bit, so I'm not sure if that is the problem.

Is there any way to try and sav my data before I nuke the drive?


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You can attempt to manually recover the partitions and their contents by using the command prompt tool and typing in "testdisk" without the quotes. Note that testdisk is a third party application that is not officially supported by NeoSmart Technologies or, instructions on using it can be found at TestDisk - CGSecurity while support for testdisk is obtainable via the testdisk forums at Index page
can this software [h=1]EasyBCD[/h]make recovery partition & windows backup? i mean both. so, when i want to enter that partition it already finished install like new one the day i bought new laptop.


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It's for managing the Vista/7/8 bootmgr's BCD.
It has nothing to do with backup or restore of the rest of your OS.
Each of those systems contains a built in system backup/restore imaging capability
Control Panel > Backup & Restore > Set up Backup
or there are many, many Partition management utilities which will do the same job, free and paid.