Windows 7 Time Changes after MINT

If I boot to Mint and then go to Win7 on my system, the system time is set to GMT time, but it says my timezone.

For example, I"m Pacific time (GMT-7 right now). If it's 1:00 PDT when I boot back into Windows, it says it's 8:00 PDT (actually, it's 8:00 GMT).

This has happened every time I've gone from my MINT (on a separate drive) to Win 7.

Also, it seems to take a long time to restore my desktop icons after running MINT.

Makes no sense to me.


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
Linux and Mac say the hardware clock should be UTC/GMT and then they convert it to your local timezone.
Windows says the hardware clock should be your local TZ and converts it for its own use to UTC.

Check out the instructions at UbuntuTime - Community Ubuntu Documentation (scroll down to "Multiple Boot Systems Time Conflicts"). Either follow the instructions to make Windows use hardware UTC (recommended) or the instructions to make Linux use hardware clock set to local TZ.