Windows 8 and Easy BCD are gone overnight?!?


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Yesterday I went to bed; my computer was running a couple torrents under Windows 8 CP; everything was fine.
Today I I woke up; it was blocked under my OLD boot menu; (The one on my old HDD that I used before I added Windows 8)

On a fresh reboot, Easy BCD menu just doesnt shows up anymore; it just seems to skip the Windows boot partition that is on my SSD and jump to the old boot menu that was on my old HDD.
.. But the SSD is still seen by the BIOS; and is accessible under Vista.

Setup goes as following:
Got a UEFI capable mobo, though I have no idea what it means out of the prettier BIOS nor if it is in use.
Old HDD: installed Windows Vista x64, then Ubuntu 11.10 -- There was no Easy BCD at this point. Relyed on standard grub as Boot Manager. --- All this still works.
Recently added a SSD; installed Windows 8 CP on it, then Easy BCD to manage the boot entries.

BIOS Boot sequence is 1- DVD Drive / 2- Windows Boot Manager / 3- Old HDD -- Hasnt changed overnight

1) What the brhell went wrong?

2) How am I supposed to regain access to Windows 8? (repair things)

3) If your software isnt really ready for Windows 8 (and I mean BULLETPROOF) you should say so; (saw lotsa Betas.. ON YOUR FORUM, that seems attempt to fix broken things under Win8 but saw no related warnings at all upon Download and Installation of the 2.1.2 version [must have been this version!)

Thanks for your time.
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First - It's not EasyBCD's menu. It's the Microsoft boot manager's menu. EasyBCD is not an active part of your system, Vista,7 or 8. It's a passive app, which you can use (i.e execute it on a running OS and use it to change something), otherwise it's just sitting there in your user app list doing absolutely nothing.
If you were doing something on W8 and W8 broke, no blame attaches to EasyBCD, any more than you can blame it on regedit or notepad or any other app you happen to have installed on your system(s)
Do you trust the torrents you were running ? That's a classic way to get infected if you're not 100% sure of the source.
Second - How can any software be 100% ready for W8 ? It's not been released yet, and the CP comes with a warning not to expect to replace your production OS with it. Microsoft is using us as Beta testers, whether they choose not to give it that name this time; and by running it, you're handing your system to them as a development tool with no guarantee that it won't bite you.
Check your SSD, where is the "active" flag ? It should be on the partition containing x:\boot\BCD, which being super-hidden, you will need to set folder options like this to locate.


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Hi Terry.. thanks for the heads up!

Sorry for suspecting your soft first!!

-- I realize how an insult this might have been :wink: but since both your app and my problem were bootloader-related..

Most likely had placed wayy too much trust in Microsoft's ability to provide a stable beta build..

Finally tried to repair the Windows 8 install using the Windows 8 CP DVD (automatic repair) and I was back in business in a minute.
(That Win8 still really needs some heavy work; just realized that under Win8, using Internet Explorer, the "enter" button just DOESNT WORK in the comments section.) -- While it works everywhere else.. dont ask me why..
Had to switch back on Firefox, which I temporarly left over 'cause it induces many other bugs.. anyway..!


So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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Just a heads up, the "enter" button will work, you just have to go into your User Control Panel and switch how the forum software works. What I mean by that is you have to change the editor in use. By default WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is the default. This does not work with the Metro version of IE due to the fact Microsoft has disabled all addon support for that version of IE. If you open the desktop version, the editor will work fine. But only in Metro will it seem like it is broken. This is due to the addons needed by the editor to allow pop ups for inserting a link, picture among other things.

If you switch the forum editor to Standard, then the "enter" key will operate as expected. You will just have to input your extra BBCode yourself as clicking on the buttons will only show you the BBCode and not give you a pop up box. It is a small price to pay to have IE operate as expected.

I wouldnt expect that to change anytime soon, nor would I expect the Metro versions of Firefox, Chrome or any other browser to behave as expected. Microsoft is strictly enforcing the no addons for Metro apps across the board. So if you intend to use Metro Firefox or Metro Chrome when they are released, you will get the same results using the WYSIWYG editor.

It is the same reason why Flash is also busted in Metro IE. If the site uses HTML5, then you can view the video, but if the site still relies on Flash, the content will have to be viewed in a desktop browser.

Hope that information helps clear up some Win8 confusions. I tested it for a while but got tired of having to jump browsers from Metro to Desktop just to do what I wanted.


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Ok.. about this "enter" key fuss.. I understand it is not on topic with this forum, but since we're at it..: How do I change that editor? All the posts I've found over the net speaks of it like it is very obvious, maybe i'm not looking for the right thing.. ?! Where's that friggin setting?!? BTW: I'm not using Metro versions of any app. See ya!


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Forum > Forum Actions > General Settings > Miscellaneous.
(If you click Explorer from the Metro screen, you get a different (restricted) version than the one you get if you click it from the desktop)


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3) If your software isnt really ready for Windows 8 (and I mean BULLETPROOF) you should say so; (saw lotsa Betas.. ON YOUR FORUM, that seems attempt to fix broken things under Win8 but saw no related warnings at all upon Download and Installation of the 2.1.2 version [must have been this version!)
That's ridiculous. The default is to expect that nothing is compatible with Windows 8, even if we say it is. But to assume that a product released prior to the Windows 8 beta even is "bulletproof compatible" just because it doesn't say it isn't.....

Maybe Win8 updated or something. I noticed I couldn't see the BCD choices menu until I copied the BOOTNXT from my Win8 install into the root of my Win7 install (in my case, this is the active partition, therefore the bootmgr here loads the BCD). Of course the way I installed Win8 caused my initial issue which I had to manually fix.

In other words, the Win8 bootmgr by itself didn't seem to be enough to cause the BCD menu to appear. And you need the new bootmgr in the root of your system drive in order to recognize the new winload.exe of Win8.

Just FYI....