Windows 8 and Windows 7 Dual Boot on Separate Hard Drives

I have an HP Envy laptop that came preloaded with Windows 8. There is a second hard drive bay that I installed a second 1TB HDD and installed Windows 7 Pro x64. I have been trying to get EasyBCD to allow me to decide which OS to boot to and have gotten to the point of getting the Windows 7 and Windows 8 boot screen and it will load into Windows 7 by default but if I select Windows 8 I just get a black screen. At one point it would only boot into Windows 8. When it was booting into Win8, I noticed that EBCD was set to use winloader.efi and Win7 was set to use winloader.exe and it would go to a black screen if I selected Win7. Now Win7 is set to use winloader.efi and Win8 is set to use winloader.exe and it boots normally into Win7 but not Win8. I cannot see any way of changing winloader.exe to winloader.efi in EBCD.

I'm not sure that is even the problem but if there is a way to manually change the EBCD setting to use winloader.efi instead of winloader.exe I could at least eliminate one possibility. Has anyone had any experience with this issue? I would greatly appreciate whatever help you can provide.

Thank you.


James Kaspar