Windows 8 bootup problem-windows files are loading.

Hi folks,

I have windows 7 on my computer and bought the windows 8 upgrade which I installed on a different partition, did have to put windows 7 on it first. So its a multiboot system with windows xp, 2 copies of windows 7 and one copy of windows 8. xp is is the active partition,, and also has the MBR. Any probs with MBR I have sorted out with Easy BCD utility.

windows 7 is the default OS

Since I upgraded windows 8 to 8.1 sometimes I get a message at boot up on windows 8 saying "windows files are loading" it then presents a OS menu with continue to windows 7 being one of the options and troubleshoot another option.

Clicking troubleshoot will get me to an option to repair my computer and after it says diagnosing windows 8 will start ok at restart, but maybe a few weeks later same problem will surface.

EasyBCD is displaying all the partitions correctly, so not sure if its an MBR problem.

Just wondering has anyone else the same problem with windows 8 or can offer any advice?

Thanks for any help


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Do you have W8 "fast boot" enabled in the power options ?
If so turn it off.
There is no such thing as W8 fast boot. It's a hibernation pretending to be a boot and it doesn't mix well with multi-booting.