Windows 8/Linux Graphical Boot Manager No Longer Shown


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I used EasyBCD to setup my windows 8 boot loader to allow me to choose between windows and linux (specifically Ubuntu 13.04). I ended up reinstalling ubuntu a few times because of some incorrect configurations. The BCD listing was working correctly with the windows 8 graphical boot manager showing the options at first. It now displays using the old text based boot manager instead. It works and both operating systems are accessible and functional, but I wanted the graphical selection (otherwise I'd just use GRUB). How can I get the graphical version to show again instead of the text one?



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I tried that:
As for getting that screen back.. try

EasyBCD | Useful Utilities | Power Console

Then type in
bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy standard

and hit enter

but I still have the text only boot options. I tried doing this and rebooting, then I tried doing it and re-writing out the MBR before rebooting, still no luck...


Aha! After some more searching I found this post. Following those instructions:
I booted into Win 8 > opened easyBCD > Selected "Useful Utilities" > Selected "EasyBCD Power Console" > ran command bcdboot c:\windows > I then rebooted and was pleasantly surprised to see my Win 8 Metro boot screen. Hope this helps others. Thanks again!
I was able to get it working again. :smile: