Windows 8 + Opensuse 12.2 dual boot with UEFI

I tried to use the tutorial shown in (sorry, it is in portuguese).

Laptop: Sony Vaio SV-T1312V9E/S

Basically, I did the following steps:
- shrink the Windows main partition using Windows 8 tools.
- Disable Secure Boot and change Boot settings from UEFI to Legacy
- Installed Opensuse 12.2 from external DVD over USB, using the USB3.0 port, even though the DVD burner is only USB2.0 but apparently there are some problems in using the other port.
- Configure the partitions over the unused space (20GB root, 50GB home)
- Configured the typical installation and in the boot options, selected GRUB2 to be installed in root partition but selected not to write the boot flag in MBR.
- restarted the machine after installation and changed the UEFI settings back to UEFI.
- Booted Windows normally.
- Installed EasyBCD 2.2
- Added new Entry as Linux + Automatically Locate and Load. Note that EasyBCD did not detect the new Linux partitions.
- Wrote the new BCD settings
- Windows crashed and was unable to recover.
- Started Windows Recovery and rebuilt the system with factory settings.

Can anyone suggest any solution to this problem?


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