Windows 98, XP, Linux - All sharing files


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I have had a project for a while now, get windows 98 to access NTFS drives, read and write, the same with linux,

But - CG pointed me in the rite direction, and i have now thought of a better way, EXT2/3

EXT2 supports large files over 4GB, can be run nativly from witin windows 98, 2000, XP, 2k3. (Read the FAQ also)

It says it dosen't support 98, but it does (Or so CG says, i belive him)

try it, i am going to attempt this at the weekend, will post my results on sunday, maybe later, got to get another HDD to replace an old one thats just died.

Hey XcOM, haven't seen you here for a while.. welcome back!

I believe I once used it on 98, but I'm not sure, it may or may not work.
come to a snag,
Just finishing getting my drivers together for 98, XP and Linux,

and my GFX card isn't supported on 98, also i just tried installing the driver for EXT2 on vista and it threw a fit, it will only install on NT, 2k, XP and 2003 (x86 only)

SO, when i get my new GFX card soon, will try again
that EXT2 driver for windows 98 won't work, it throuws a fit and won't install, from what i can tell it hooks into the kernal to provide native read/write support.