Windows almost unusable after update 20H2


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Windows 10 with paid license. I thought updating would be useful, it's worked well until now.
Can't open the Start menu, sound doesn't work, can't connect to wi-fi without troubleshooter. Windows says it will fix Start after logoff, but nothing happens after Restart.
I can't access Start and Updates. Is there anything I can do apart from reinstalling from scratch? Thanks.


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20H2 went on my Desktop and Laptop without any issues some time ago. No problems on either since then.


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Check the event viewer for any errors or warnings.

I wasn't able to install it myself; it keeps trying to do so automatically then failing and reporting that "my partition layout is incompatible with Windows" (reported after I boot into Windows, so obviously that error cannot be correct)!

It's actually a case that's handled by EasyRE and has to do with Microsoft's really poor GPT implementation; I'll have to run an autorepair on my installation when I have the time.