windows drives insist on indexing each other

windows search indexing on my 2 windows drives insists on indexing the wrong drive.

Windows 10 PRO drive indexes drive D: (Win 10 Home)
Windows 10 Home drive indexes drive D: (Win 10 Pro)

when search problem was tracked down, Win 10 PRO was Win 10 Home and Win 10 Home was Win 7 Home.
upgraded each trying to solve problem. Problem was temporarily solved for C: drive by turning off drive letter D.
Caused a couple of crashes during first 2 boots, but indexing worked properly on C drive UNTIL D drive letter was turned back on.

please view screenshots below.
NO, I am not trying to index entire C drive... just an easy way to illustrate what happens when ANY item on drive C is chosen. Drive D gets pointed at. Look at SUMMARY of SELECTED LOCATIONS in 2nd shot where drive C is selected. This happens in BOTH Win 10 environments.

index 1.JPG index 2.JPG Disk Management.JPG