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I am trying to recover files or boot a HP laptop that has crashed. I tried from discs made at purchase and only got the option to reformat. I downloaded your Windows Vista Recovery Disc and get the prompt X:/Sources>. What do I do next.

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Firstly HP system recovery is accessed with F11 as you boot the PC. See here for complete instructions.
If you're unable to access the built in recovery partition because the boot process is what's broken, then you can use our download to create a bootable disk which you can use to restore a standard Vista boot process. Follow the links on the page for instuctions on how to download torrents, and use ImgBurn (you can get a free copy online) to burn the ISO image. Then follow the instructions to repair the boot process.
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boot repair

I have alread downloaded your recovery disc and when I use it i get the command prompt x:/sources> and don't know what to do next.
Have you read any of the links I gave you ?
At what point in the last one do you get this prompt ?