Windows Vista and Pclinuxos


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Well here I go again. Everytime I upgrade to a new OS I can't remember what I did
to get the previous one working.
HD 1 - Windows Vista Business
HD 2 - proposed Pclinuxos 2010
Windows vista is already installed.
Pulled plugs on HD 1 and Installed pclinuxos on HD 2.
Rebooted and was able to pull up pclinuxos 2010.
Put plugs back in for HD1. Rebooted.
Windows Vista came up.
Used Easybcd build 93 to install the boot record for Pclinuxos
and it didn't work.
I tried to find the tutorial called: "Dual-booting Ubuntu Linux and Windows Vista" .
All I could find was an article by "APC" which didn't solve my problem.
Hope somebody is willing to help me.
Thanks for this site.
A quick Bing suggests that PCLOS2010 still uses legacy grub.
Delete the previous entry, add a new Linux entry, select "legacy grub" from the dropdown and tick the "grub isn't installed ...." box
Thank you for answering Terry60.
Did what you suggested and it didn't work.

Could someone point me to the tutorial "dual-booting ubuntu linux and windows vista".
NOT the one that goes to "APC". It's worthless.
Thank you Terry60 for the link. It is out of date and does not apply to two
hard drives and pclinuxos IMHO.
I have attached a listing of the NST file for what it's worth.

I sure hate the thought of having to go into the BIOS everytime to change
the order of the HD just to use another OS.


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This problem was not solved with "Easybcd".

Pclinuxos 2010 thru the use of Grub is now controlling both of my OS.
I had to go into BIOS/boot sequence and change the order of the boot
disks and then everything started to work.