Windows Xp dual boot with Ubuntu flavor(Zorin Os)

I have one hard disk drive with four partitions .
the first one has Windows XP Home Edition
the second is an ntfs partition which has me personal files
the third one has installed Ubuntu (flavor Zorin Os)
and the fourth is 1,5GB swap partition

I want to make a dual boot Windows XP and Ubuntu.

Grub is installed in the third partition not to the sda disk and Windows XP can't find grub.

EasyBCD can't run via Windows XP because can't find BCD registry. Could I do a trick like this video ? I mean to take the boot folder from a windows 7 system and paste it into boot folder of windows XP (to make BCD run from windows XP)



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That video is VERY old, featuring EasyBCD 1 ( current version is 2.3) and the instructions would be incorrect using V2.
In any case, we can't as a matter of policy give any help to do anything with MS software for which you don't have a legitimate licence.
Whilst XP isn't capable of dual-booting Linux for you, there's no reason why you can't let Linux take control of the MBR when you install it and it will dual-boot XP for you, so there's no need to be using vista/7/8/10 bootmgr anyway.
Grub will do the job.