Windows XP installation issue with W10


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Couple of weeks ago I installed Windows XP onto a second Hard drive in a PC that was running W10.
Unfortunately things didn't go the way I hoped. The computer went from Disk 0 with 3 partitions C, E, and F, E being the blank drive I was installing XP onto. Just to be safe I re-named E as Games. Loaded XP in the CD drive and rebooted the machine, installed XP and then all went wrong. Re booted the PC and XP loaded instead of giving me a choice of boot options like I hoped it would. I know have a system that has XP booting from D: Drive, C: drive System Reserved 100mb, E: drive is readable and has all old files on it.
I have installed EasyBCD on the XP side of the system but I am not sure how to go about using it. If I go to repair the W10 boot loader will it still work going from XP to W10.
I hope this make some sense.


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