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While trying to get Vista and XP to dual-boot using EasyBCD, I kept getting the XP bootloader error "Windows could not start because of the following ARC firmware boot configuration problem: did not properly generate ARC name for the HAL and system paths." Long story short, the sample boot.ini file given in the Windows XP reference wiki on this site is slightly incorrect. The rdisk and disk parameters should be reversed. i.e.

should be

After playing around with it for awhile, I finally noticed the discrepancy between boot.ini and the output of "map arc". I modified the boot.ini file, and XP booted again!

Just thought you should be aware of this.

EasyBCD is a great tool, by the way!
Hi shawmishrak, thanks for catching that!

I'm changing it now, thanks for pointing it out.

Welcome to NST, by the way.