Windows7 repair Install and bootloader

I cuurently have EasyBCD installed.
I have Windows7 installed on one hard drive and WinXP on another (WinXP was installed first).

I am having some Win7 USB driver issues that can only be solved by a Repair Install. (I have tried all other options).

My loader files are on the WinXP disk. I know this because when I boot to either disk from the BIOS boot screen I get the EasyBCD boot menu. I also get the EastBCD Boot Menu if I boot normally.

My question is this...if I do a Win7 Repair Install will it alter this.

My fear is that after I do the Repair Install, I will not be able to get to my WinXP, which is my Main System. My Win7 is currently only for gaming.




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Whatever you do, you'll be able to get back into XP by using EasyBCD if the boot option disappears.
Simply add an XP entry and let EasyBCD auto-configure it should it prove necessary.
Incidentally, Vista/7/8 don't have "repair" install like XP does.


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OK, just being pedantic.
That's a system upgrade (from W7 to W7) as opposed to the much quicker XP "repair".