WindowsXP 64-bit Sound


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I was dualbooting WindowsXP(x64), so of course I had to gather a load of drivers.
I was looking for sound drivers based on my sound card, but no luck, so I looked inside Vista's driver's and I found that my sound driver had a WinXP and Vista folder (just sheer luck). I took the WinXP folder, and installed all of it's drivers.

Result: It installed successfully, some sounds worked.
Most of the sounds were sound through plastic straws, some high quality game rendered sounds lagged my game, and some sounds just crackled. I had another Driver in that same folder, I installed it, and it was some codec, but WindowsXP says the driver didn't install properly.

Now I'm tortured by horrid sounds. Please help.

Additional Info:
The sound driver's were from IDT. stacsv and sttray were some of it's files.
I have treble and bass control, but I don't think the driver is working with them.
Sorry, I was under the impression you couldn't get rid of the screetching noises.

What's the model of your sound card?