Wrong Partition Numbers for Linux Grub Entries


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After struggling with BCDedit for years, I finally decided to try EasyBCD for my laptop. I have 4 OS's: one has Windows 7, and the other three have Linux systems using Grub2.

1. I wanted to create a separate option for each of the three Linux systems, but when I chose the Grub2 option, the automatically configured entry that I obtained booted only into the first Linux system. I thought that I should have at least been given the choice of which system to boot into.

2. I then decided to try the legacy Grub option. This gave me the choice of which partition to boot, so I created 3 entries: one for each of my Linux systems. When I tested these entries, I found that each of them booted into the wrong partition: the entry for partition 9, for example, booted into partition 8.

I'm using Version, obtained from the Neosmart site. Is this not a stable version? What's going on here?