XP boot failure on Windows 7

I can't install Windows XP on top of Windows 7 (nothing to do with EasyBCD). My PC has UEFA BIOS and I've created a new partition on the internal HDD which leaves Windows 7 intact. Booting Windows XP from the CD seems to go normally but leads to the dreaded blue screen before asking me to select the empty partition. Tried four times, including using F6. It's a very new PC with no previous probs...very disappointing.


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
You need to convert your PC to use the traditional MBR/BIOS boot instead of UEFI/GPT. There's no straightforward process besides wiping your disk (including the MBR) and then reinstalling everything.

If you run EasyRE's automated repair against your current Windows 10 installation, it'll try to set up both in tandem so that you can install XP too, but you'd have to make sure your disk is already partitioned the way you want it, with room for the Windows XP installation (formatted as NTFS) before doing so so you don't end up with a conflict between the MBR and UEFI disk records.