XP can access hard drive but Vista gets BSOD


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My laptop with Vista couldn't boot (BSOD 0x00001CF5), tried safe mode but restarts after crcdisk.sys.

I decided to recover my data through an enclosure USB connected to another computer. when I tried with a computer with Vista it crashed as soon as I plugged my drive, with the same BSOD.

Then I tried with a different computer with XP and no problem at all, I could recover my data.

Now back to my laptop, I'm trying to avoid using the recovery DVD and formatting the drive (I had to work hard to make Vista work as I want). I tried the Windows Vista Recovery Disc provided by this web site, but as soon as it finishes loading from the CD and access the hard drive, I get the same error.

I guess Vista is reading/searching for different files than XP, I wonder if anyone has any suggestion about what to do next.

Thank you!
Hi npy, welcome to the forum
If you boot your Vista DVD, it should give you a system recovery option to take your Vista back to one of its system restore points, hopefully you've got some from before this started happening.
I can't find any hits on the error code you gave for any Windows system, only Unix ? !
Hi npy,

It sounds like the drivers that ship with the Vista DVD for your SATA controller are buggy or incompatible with your hardware for some reason. I'd suggest manually downloading and selecting the drivers at the drive-selection screen.

Not a bug in an NST product. Moved to Vista Support.