XP, Kubuntu and Windows 7


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Ok I have a laptop and it currently has XP installed on a 50 gig partiton I made. I have about 300 more gigs to install Kubuntu and Win 7. Whats the best way to go about installing Kubuntu and Win 7 so that Easy BCD 2.0 can recreate the MBR correctly?

I tried last week but ended with a non bootable Kubuntu. :rage:

Thanks in advance.

This might be in the wrong place on the forums, I realized it when I to the main page =P
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Hi EA, welcome to NST.
Installing W7 with XP visible as "active" "system" partition, should mean that W7 will install its boot files with XP's and write its own MBR, taking over the boot and creating an automatic boot entry for XP ("previous version of Windows").
When you add Linux, just make sure you don't let it take its defaults.
Linux will default to taking over the MBR and putting grub in place of bootmgr. You must use the "advanced" options when installing Linux, at the point where it's defining the boot process.
Tell it at that stage not to write the MBR, but to install grub in the bootsector of the Linux partition.
When it finishes you should still have your previous dual boot.
You then use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build from W7 to add a linux entry to the BCD, selecting the Linux partition from the dropdown menu, and leaving the "grub isn't ....." box unticked.