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I looked for a solution on the forums but I didn't find a working one and nobody seems to have the exact same problem I have.

A short description:

After installing Windows 7 on a XP computer, I used EasyBCD to create dual boot, but as soon as I entered and exited XP, the dual boot mode was lost and I got error c00000f and I needed to start from the beggining.

The longer description follows :smile: :

I had Windows XP on disk C: and yesterday night I've installed Windows 7 on the N: partition.
After installing, I didn't get the dual boot menu so I used EasyBCD to try to solve the problem (so I can boot any of the OS I need).
I succeded in and everything is fine as long as I boot and use Windows 7.

However, as soon as I select XP from the dual boot screen, load it and then restart it/shut down I get error C000000f and I cannot boot anymore.
So I have to boot from dvd, recover Windows 7, and do the same operations again and again with EasyBCD (create Windows Xp entry, allow to reconfigure, reboot).

Initially, I used EasyBCD 1.7 but, after spending some time on your forum, I downloaded and now I use EasyBCD 2.0 Beta, build 64.
I allow EasyBCD to do automatical reconfiguration when I'm adding the Windows Xp for the boot menu.
Unfortunately this didn't solve it, I have the same problem.

I've attached two screenshots, from disk manager and EasyBCD.

Also, when I try to run EasyBCD 2.0 Beta in Windows XP I get the following error "The boot configuration data store could not be opened. The system..."

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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That was quick :smile: !

I tried this too, but I get the "Disk boot failure error".

Extra info: Xp is installed on partition C: , on the first hard drive and Windows 7 is installed on N:, on the second physical drive.
Disconnect your XP HDD,
boot from the W7 DVD,
"repair your computer"
" startup repair"
Do the blue section 3 times
Reconnect XP
Make sure W7 is first in BIOS boot sequence
Boot W7 without the DVD in the tray
Install Easy2 on W7
Add the XP entry, let it auto-configure.
I tried that last night, but it didn't seem to convince the Windows 7 disk to boot.
I got the same "Disk Boot Error" so I couldn't complete the whole procedure.

So, for the moment, I repaired Windows 7 in the old way and once inside de OS, I used EasyBCD to unistall the "Vista Bootloader" and I went back to my sweet old Windows Xp.

Probably Sunday, I'll try again to install Windows 7 (with more success, I hope).
Do you have any advice so I can have an easier time dual booting next time ?

Thank you again.
When you install W7, don't let it manage empty space itself. If you just point the install at an empty HDD, W7 will create a "secret" unlettered boot partition in addition to the OS C:\ disk. If it can see another HDD, it might hide its boot files somewhere on there instead of the W7 disk.
Format the W7 HDD yourself, into whatever partition configuration you want as your final setup. (you can use XP disk management to do this if you don't own a 3rd party partition manager).
Then disconnect your XP HDD, boot the W7 DVD and install W7 into the partition you've allocated for it (give your partitions sensible labels as you format them - Like "Windows 7 System", and you'll be in no doubt when it comes to the install that you're picking the right one - it's sometimes difficult to tell if you've created nameless partitions all the same size which one is which)
When the install has finished (W7 is quite quick - only 20-30 minutes) and W7 is booting as a stand-alone system, reconnect the XP disk (make sure W7 comes first in the BIOS boot sequence), then install EasyBCD 2.0 on W7, add an XP entry and leave Easy2 to do everything necessary.