Yet another (set of questions for a) Quad Boot System


Ah, a long time ago I posted this on the EasyBCD Support Section. Here I am, at it again.

Here is my plan for a Vista, XP, OS X Leopard, and Ubuntu quad boot system. Please correct me (haha before I do this), if I am doing something wrong.

  1. Format 250GB SATA HD.
  2. Make 5 partitions: 150 GB (Primary; Vista; NTFS), 40 GB (Shared NTFS), 20 GB (XP NTFS), 20 GB (OS X ?will partition in os x instller?), 20 GB (will partition in Ubuntu installer with ext3).
  3. Insert Vista disc and install to first partition C:\
  4. Installation Complete. Install EasyBCD.
  5. Reboot into XP disc and then install XP into third partition (which is 20GB).
  6. XP done.
  7. does EasyBCD work on XP? Can I install it from there and restore vista boot loader?
  8. If not, I will install system commander boot disc and then restore general vista loader.
  9. from easybcd vista, I will put in XP into loader.
  10. reboot into os x installer dvd.
  11. format second 20gb partition to what? And what settings do I user in installer?
  12. os x done, reboot into ubuntu.
  13. install with mbr in that partition?
  14. boot into system commander and restore vista bootloader.
  15. from vista, put in mac os x and ubuntu in loader?
Everything bold is my concern. :frowning:

So, comments anyone?



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Hi OKonisfree, nice to see you again.

7. Absolutely! That was a key issue we kept in mind throughout the development stages.
11a. The default OS X partition type (0xAF aka HPFS)
11b. We don't provide help on the actual installation of OS X, but it's not difficult.

Good luck :smile:


Thanks for the fast reply. I will head on and do it!

As like last time, I will post back my troubles or my success (and write a guide for what I did).
Keep checking, anyone who wants to duplicate this.


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One proviso Guru didn't mention. You need to have NET 2.0 framework installed on XP before you can run EasyBCD.