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Didn't work.
By Kyle on February 2, 2018

I attempted to boot with this recovery and it doesn't get anywhere. I've tried all night trying to get this program to work. It's a $20 purchase that is not guaranteed to work.

Editor's Note: 

Kyle, I'm sorry to hear this didn't work out for you - please email our support department at easyre@neosmart.net so we can see what we can do to help! Also, some links to help you sort things out:

Win 7 resurrection done well
By Dr. Peter on September 13, 2017

My low level boot files were clobbered by a power outage. I have been programming since 1968, and I was impressed with the diagnostics that streamed by. After $260 of other attempts, EasyRE gave my hard drive a new life. Thanks, Pete.

Saved the Day!!!
By Win8Nightmare on October 29, 2015

Downloaded the Windows 8 Recovery Disk after trying everything, couldn't even use startup recovery discs, and it saved the day!
Initial problem: HP Touchsmart 600 windows 7 upgraded to 8.1 Blank screen after the logo Eventually turned into a blue screen error code Completely locked out

Windows 8 Recovery walked me through the process with a user friendly interface. Geek Squad initially wanted to reformat the drive and reinstall the windows platform $$$.

Thanks again NEOSMART!!! You are NEOSMART!!

Did not work - Windows 10
By Thomas on April 1, 2016

Did not repair my Windows 10 installation that would not boot.

Could not access files to attempt backup through the program.

Could not run Anti-Virus either.

I can access the files off the drive on a different computer, so this program gave me less benefit than I already had.

Windows 10 upgrade error 0xc0000034
By hansfallada on August 20, 2015

I did not Know what to do. So I was googeling 3 day I Know now everything abot this error. Then I found EasyRE for Windows 10.

Now I have my Windows 10 back and I am happy

Couldn't get past security
By phil poyer on April 9, 2014

No. Program could not get past security. Waste of money.

Solved big problems
By Piet Huisman on January 6, 2015

Windows Vista started only with the repair-advise screen: --last correct startup --safe mode
and so on. But every option ended with corrupted registry. It was a pre-installed Vista system, so I could not use the original Windows DVD.

I tried the recovery essentials, and after 20 minutes I was able to restart Windows without any problem. !

doesnt work for everything
By Steven Markiewicz on June 15, 2017

doesnt work for everything and took almost 3 days for a refund crapp

It worked in twenty minutes
By S. Gregory Hopkins on June 11, 2016

EasyRE successfully recovered my Asus X200M Windows 10 laptop after I broke the UEFI boot-loader while installing Fedora to a separate partition. EasyRE fixed in twenty minutes what I could not after a day and a half of running MS repair utilities, rummaging through tech support blogs and poking around in a terminal.

From what I understand my recovered PC has been converted to a MBR volume from here on, but that is a preferable change for my needs as I now have a robust laptop for working with a variety of distros instead of the vulnerable device that I had when I began.

By Nick Weatherhead on February 11, 2018

I tried all the bootrec options on Windows 10 to no avail, after cloning disk to SSD it would not boot. Using EasyRE after 10 minutes my computer was booting with no intervention from me except putting DVD in drive and following instructions. Thank you, I was beginning to despair.

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