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PC Repairer
By Ross on March 20, 2016

The Auto Fix tried but did not fix the Windows 7 repair boot loop after failed windows 10 upgrade. But it did find a System Restore when all other tools said there were none. Let EasyRE use it and PC now back up and running. If I had not found this software and decided to try it i was ready to wipe the drive and reinstall after spending 8 hours over two day trying every repair trick known. Even if it had not worked the other tools will be most handy for recovering files and with its access to the internet I'm sure I will use it often. Have already had to repair more than a few failed Win 10 upgrade and now this is the first tool I will try.

By Ed Bradwell on April 1, 2014

Thanks for an excellent and well thought out Repair tool !

Downloaded the files without any problem and the additional "links" and info in the confirmation email is also vey useful and an ideal source of further information !

Just a point that may come in habdy for anyone with a newer Asus laptop or desktop that may well have the new "UEFI /GPT " system instead of the older and more familiar BIOS on board !

After burning the EasyRE image to disk and setting my "Boot order " to select the Optical drive as the 1st. Boot option ....I found on restart of my new Asus laptop that the system still booted into Windows 8.1 and still bypassed the "loaded EasyRE disk " !

I immediately assumed that the UEFI process was probably not allowing sufficient time for the correct boot order process to initiate and I found that by going into "SetUp " mode via the F2 key on an Asus..... and then disabling "Secure Boot " and enabling the" CSM " mode and then Save and Exit via F10 ......the afore mentioned process then allowed the EasyRE to boot and offer the full list of options ! Thanks for a great tool and a secure and safe purcasing experience !

Fully recommended. Black screen finally solved!
By ondrej on October 13, 2015

wow, works like magic! A giant thank you! I was trying to figure out how to fix my black screen on start-up for the whole day. No success. Then I came across this sw and decided to give it a go. It worked on the first try - Automated repair option. Hopefully the annoying black screen is gone forever. My laptop also seems to work faster now. Certainly worth the money...

Vista recovery disk
By Frank C on April 10, 2013

The downloaded disk worked fast but unfortunately it quickly showed me that the hard drive was not there (must be completely dead). Therefore, I could do nothing to recover the computer.

a trap
By Jack on May 4, 2017

it does nothing, it is just a trap.

It surely works
By kobus on January 8, 2015

I changed my hard disk and could not startup and got n blue screen.

I run the program once and 6 months of stuggle was gone.

I recommend Easy Recovery Essentials and surely..... It works!

EasyRE Essentials (Win 7)
By Gerry G on January 27, 2014

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you

EasyRE Essentials (Win 7) fixed my Blue Screen problem that NOBODY could fix. Used your product as last result before resigning myself to doing a sys restore, and it worked! No need for a system restore and the long process of re-installing all the software. Best $ I ever spent on software. U guys rock!

By Victor Filepp on May 13, 2014

I will be happy to change my review, but right now I cannot use this at all. When this boots it does not recognize the mouse or keyboard on my computer and is therefore completely useless. Hopefully the tech support paople will get my email and provide a fix.

Network Admin
By Tim on March 4, 2016

This is to Jamie's post Oct. 21, 2015 and surprised nobody else tried to "educate" Jamie.

The biggest reason they charge for their software is for the total amount of time (days and hours staring at a screen) an Engineer/Programmer spent creating the software. I believe that even you would charge others a nominal fee if you had spent the days and hours creating this software package.

And, I believe that you would not offer it free just because one or two people think it should be free. If you get a free software download, remember, after Windows 10 is fixed, you have a software package that you can used to charge other people to fix their computer. I think these are the biggest reason few programmers and hackers offer their software for free.

Spend $20 and be thankful it doesn't cost 10 time as much.

Great tool overall but not that easy of a process to burn the ISO on an USB.
By Julian on April 10, 2015

First of all I just have to say that this tool worked exactly as advertised for me. Once I got it all set up, it fixed my BCD problem in the blink of an eye and Bam I was able to get back on Windows. The only downside is that you are required to use neosmart's custom ISO burner to get the file on an USB, which didn't seem to work on my Windows XP but I managed to use the program on my family's Windows Vista computer. Even tools like Rufus and Unetbooting (I'd recommend everyone stays away from the later) weren't able to burn the ISO properly due to the grub version that had to be used. Even if I had a bit of a hard time at first, I would still encourage anyone having problems with windows to get this rather than putting money down the drain by taking it to a computer repair shop.

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