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Thread: Weather Discussion

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    I'm not trying to claim a record for the longest duration "bump" (over 23 months), but I happened to remember there was a weather thread so I resurrected it in an attempt to gain some sympathy for the national plight.
    It was only 2 degrees warmer here (-18) than the South Pole last night and because, even with the beautiful clear sunny day, we didn't get back to zero; it's expected to be -20 tonight.
    I know Peter will think nothing of it compared to the average Canadian winter, but it paralyzes UK because we just don't have the infrastucture (personal or state) to cope. (It rarely happens, so very little provision is made).
    Spare a though for us, all you who are basking in the heat of the middle-east.

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    That's an incredible sight to see the entire country covered with the white stuff. Normally you'd only expect high ground to get that.

    I know it's really bad over there Terry. I've spoken to a few friends in the UK over the last few days and they aren't too happy.

    I think with climate change and its associated increased precipitation it's time for the UK to start a new mindset that these sort of extremes, whether they be a mass freeze, high winds or widespread floods, etc. etc., are going to be more the norm than the exception.

    Over here we aren't seeing the huge temperature swings we used to, at least not in this neck of the woods, (it's a relatively balmy -4°C right now with a sprinkling of snow) but there have been some extreme weather conditions in various parts of the country.
    I wont go into details because Canada is such a huge place and therefore has a lot to talk about in that area.
    Parts of the US have been hit really hard though.

    I remember as a child in the north of England vehicles used to use chains in the winter to get around the country roads, They were of course eventually banned becuase they tore up the roads. But these recent traffic snarlups I've been watching in the UK could have been easily avoided if snow tires, sorry tyres, became a winter habit for vehicle owners and the local councils invested in snowplows and more sanding/salting trucks. Those vehicles are out in force here the minute the first snowflake appears.
    It's an impressive sight to see a fleet of plows in formation zooming at high speed along the highway. They can clear an 8-lane highway in minutes.

    I also remember that you never used to have summers where everyone, in southern UK at least, was begging for air conditioning, which you get routinely year in, year out nowadays.

    It'll be spring soon - rain, look forward to that....LOL.
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