NeoSmart Technologies promises to treat personal data that you choose to share with nothing less than the utmost respect and courtesy. We won't sell or give away/license your personal data to partners or 3rd parties alike, except as needed to perform services on your behalf. We won't give out your information, nor will we share it with the general public.

NeoSmart Technologies does use cookies to keep track of sessions and logins across the site. These cookies are required for us to be able to give you a quality browsing experience. We do not serve ads on our site, nor do we contract with ad providers to hand over user data!

We hate email spam as much as you do — any email addresses you share with us are treated with confidentiality, so you can sleep at night without worrying which spam organization will get your email next.

Above all, we love and respect our users and customers alike. We feel you have a right to know exactly what we do with your data, hence this very straight-forward and to-the-point privacy policy. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at

Data Collected by NeoSmart Technologies

The following is intended to be an exhaustive list of personally identifying data collected by NeoSmart Technologies. We've done our best to make sure we cover everything.

  • When you optionally share your name and/or email address with us when downloading a product or program, you are consenting to receive future emails from NeoSmart Technologies that regarding our services or future products. These emails are not personally targeted, but they are stored alongside the name you provided. You can unsubscribe at any time, and can also request to have your name and email stricken altogether from our database. We will never spam you nor share this information with anyone else. You are free to opt out of providing your name/email and may continue to our downloads and services without being treated any differently.
  • You are required to provide your email address when placing an order with us so that we may associate the sale with a digital point-of-contact. This is used to email you product download links, version updates, and other relevant communications. This information, like all the rest, is never shared with any 3rd parties or sold/given away. You may opt out of receiving any emails from us without completely redacting your information from our system. If you wish to completely strike your information from our records, we can do so but that will involve the (uncompensated) termination of all future updates or pending services on our end. This includes downloading the product free of charge in the future or accessing updates.
  • We store no personally identifying information regarding pages you visit, sites you were referred from, or your activity while on our site.
  • We do store IP addresses for website traffic analysis purposes; used to identify popular content and analyze server performance. These IP addresses are not linked to your profile/account and do not (on our end) constitute personally identifiable information.
  • Information provided when placing a transaction to purchase a product or service from our website is mandatory for purposes related to placing the order and securing payment. We do share this limited information at the time of purchase with the 3rd party payment processor. Depending on your method of payment, this information will be relegated to one of PayPal Inc, Stripe Inc, or ChargeBee Inc. This information will include all information explicitly provided at checkout (including your name, email, and billing data) to facilitate the payment. Only the necessary portions of this data required to mitigate fraud and facilitate license delivery is retained. We do not store your credit card data, and it must be provided again at each subsquent checkout.
  • When you create an account on our forums, you are asked for your email address and a screenname (which need not be your real name), and optionally asked for your actual name if you prefer to be identified by it. This information isn't used/stored anywhere else, you can edit and remove it yourself from your account settings.
  • Any posts you make on our forums are identified by your screen name. Copyright for these posts is shared with NeoSmart Technologies for purposes of publishing and hosting the conversation, at your request we can "delink" your identity from the posts you've made, but cannot in most cases remove the posts themselves (unless they contain sensitive content) as they are part of a public conversation, which loses meaning without them. Personally identifying information contained in these posts >can be redacted however at any time per your request, to maintain your anonymity.