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Thread: File: \Boot\BCD Status: Oxc00000f

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    Default File: \Boot\BCD Status: Oxc00000f


    The rest of the error message is Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data.

    I have a Fijitsu Siemens lap top which was pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium software. When I purchased it I was unable to take backups of the installation disc as the F8 key would not work unless I was doing something incorrectly.

    I have burnt the Windows Vista Recovery Disc 64-Bit (should it have been the 32 Bit??).

    I inserted the CD into the drive and the message still reads in Windows Boot Manager: Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem: 1) Insert your Windows installation disc etc. followed by the error message as stated above.
    However, I am able to access the Boot Menu and Set Up. How do I get my lap top to read the CD? Have I burnt the correct recovery edition? Please help. I am a very desperate girlie!!

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    Hi Andrea, welcome to NST.
    When you say F8 didn't work, were you trying it from inside Vista ?
    To access the recovery partition with F8, you will need to hold it down as you switch on the power to the system, so that it interupts the normal boot process.
    Try that first to see if the Fujitsu environment can be used to fix your problem.
    If not, your inability to boot from the recovery CD is probably caused by not having CD/DVD before HDD in your BIOS boot sequence.
    Get into the BIOS setup (the first splash screen you see at startup should say how, possibly F2 or "del"), navigate to the page for setting the boot sequence and make sure CD comes first.
    Then boot again with the CD in place, and if you've got the wrong one, there should be a message saying "not compatible with this level of Vista" or some such message.
    When you've got the right one, boot from it, click on "repair your computer" (bottom left), then "startup repair" on the next page
    Do the green sentence (all of it) a second and a third time (It only fixes one thing at a time), and you ought to be able to boot back into Vista then.
    The instructions for a manual repair if the automated Vista repair doesn't work are in the wiki.

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    You will also probably want to use the 32-bit recovery disk, unless you know for sure that your hardware supports 64-bit... Once you download the torrent, "Add it" from the File menu in your Utorrent/Bittorrent client, and once it finishes downloading the ISO, burn it (i.e. the ISO) to a CD with ImgBurn.


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