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Thread: Bootloader for Vista, XP and one other (Windows 2000 or 7)

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    Default Bootloader for Vista, XP and one other (Windows 2000 or 7)

    I am new to Easy BCD, and on my test machine am using EasyBCD Beta 2.0.
    I have got three disks in my test system
    One with Windows Vista, one with XP, and one with (at the moment) 2000.
    Vista works perfectly.
    When I select XP or 2000 from bootloader, the computer restarts.
    I have Vista on C, XP on F, and 2000 on E. I've assigned the right letters.
    I've made sure ntldr and ntdetect are in the boot directories of XP and 2000 (copied them from the CD's, but the CD's are just 2000 SP2 and XP SP2 whereas the systems are 2000 SP4 and XP SP3).
    I cannot see boot.ini anywhere though.
    Where am I going wrong?

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    Hi Tommy, welcome to NST.
    The boot files all need to be in the root of the partition marked as "system", not inside any folder.
    Please read point 3 of the sticky for help locating the correct place.
    If there is a boot.ini and you can't see it, make sure that the folder options are set like this.

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