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Thread: Windows Vista Recovery Disk

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    Default Windows Vista Recovery Disk

    I have downloaded the ISO file successfully and have tried to burn it with both Image Burn as well as Free Easy Burner. Both time it appeared as if the burns were done successfully but when checking the DVD it still appears empty.

    What am I doing wrong? The burning software does display the message ¨image burn done successfully¨.

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    Hi K, welcome to NST.
    Did you follow the instructions here on downloading torrents ?

    Baker of fine scones.

    Please keep requests for help in the forums where everyone can see them, not in Private Messages.
    Posting a plea for help or information in the forum, will be seen more quickly by a widely experienced audience.
    A solution in the forum could also be useful to other future visitors, so PLEASE, no private requests. (they won't be answered !)

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