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Thread: Dual Boot Kubuntu and Vista

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    I would like to dual boot Vista and Kubuntu on my laptop but the dual boot guides I have seen on the net are not suited to how I want to do my installation mainly because of partitioning so I would like you to help me out. If you could possibly reply with a step by step guide i would be very grateful.The following problems are bugging me.
    1.How do you create an extended partition and a logical partition during the installation of Vista.
    2.I would like to use the EasyBCD bootloader but I am a bit confused.How do I tell Kubuntu during installation not to overwrite MBR but to install GRUB somewhere else so that I can use the EasyBCD bootloader. I am using the Kubuntu Desktop CD.

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    Please do not double-post. It won't get you answers any faster.

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